A day shooting Portraits for Solarstone’s Album “.—-“

I love when artists I work with over the years give me freedom on new projects. When Solarstone approached me for his album “.—-” I was pretty happy. All his albums songs were based on a strong concept: morse code. Not just the titles but the whole track with it’s baselines and melodies. That’s pretty impressive – if you ask me. So we really had to do this interesting and great album some justice with the photos.

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building a small powerful workstation for creative professionals

Creatives need good workstations. Some projects need more powerful ones than others and most often these come in a big, uncomfortable case (with some exceptions).

Why it doesn’t have to be a big machine and what parts we are going to use.

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“Touring with DJs” or “one night in Mykonos”

Touring with DJs might sound like a dream – and it’s true, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world – but what most people don’t know is that it most often comes at least with a huge lack of sleep.
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Spring Duty – nature we have to preserve

Over the course of the last weeks and months I have been concepting, brainstorming, shooting and in the end composing this wonderful piece with Rudiger, an amazing guy I met some time ago. Continue reading “Spring Duty – nature we have to preserve”

What does coming home feel like?

What does “Coming Home” feel like?

That was a question I asked myself for working on this new piece. Each year, when christmas comes closer, most of us go visit their families – and you cannot deny that this has a certain feel, almost magic to it. Continue reading “What does coming home feel like?”

Chosen as one of the 200 best ad photographers worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive!

I feel honored to be chosen as and published in Lürzer’s Archive’s Special “200 best ad photographers worldwide” for 2018/2019.