(photo by Pascal Hoffmann)

I’m Julian, a commercial photographer, based in Germany, with a focus on entertainment and advertising photography. I work for clients, local and international, who need images or films centered around music, movies or specific products. As a photographer and director, I like to tell stories. Sometimes the stories are conceptual and sometimes they are more about an editorial narrative.

I never planned to become a photographer – making pictures somehow just popped up in my life one day. I got the chance to attend a concert for a newspaper I was working for during my time at university. I’ve always been in love with Art and Music, so I took a chance and I have never stopped since. Shooting music has led me all around the world with stops in between to meet amazing and inspiring people (the backstage access and parties were a nice perk too).

When I studied at university, I started to really make pictures. I froze storytelling moments, which normally only last a hundredths of a second.  Even today, I’m still amazed at how an image can be worth a thousand words. After school, I assisted Felix Rachor for 2 years. He was one of the best mentors. Inspiring, distilling a good work habit, and encouraging me to create my own images.

Today, I shoot documentaries for magazines, cover-artwork, ads and commissioned portraits. I spend a lot of time preparing for my pictures, and I spend even more time nurturing my passion and my knowledge. I share my knowledge with the people I meet, and I’m happy when someone can learn from what I do. Why you might ask? When we can teach someone or inspire someone to do something, they might make that same impact on another person. Small acts can make a big impact.

Over the years, I have had the honour of receiving awards (e.g. to be one of the 200 best ad photographers worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive for 2018/2019, the Moscow International Foto Award, 1st Place for Events: Music and 2nd Place for Events: Overall 2016), working with great companies, and even more so, amazing people all over the world. Some of those include Paul van Dyk, Eric Schmidt (Google), Martin Solveig, Miriam Bryant, ZEDD, Moonbootica, Dubfire, Creative Primates, Axel Springer and the guys and girls over at Warner Music.