“Touring with DJs” or “one night in Mykonos”

Touring with DJs might sound like a dream – and it’s true, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world – but what most people don’t know is that it most often comes at least with a huge lack of sleep.
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Spring Duty – nature we have to preserve

Over the course of the last weeks and months I have been concepting, brainstorming, shooting and in the end composing this wonderful piece with Rudiger, an amazing guy I met some time ago. Continue reading “Spring Duty – nature we have to preserve”

What does coming home feel like?

What does “Coming Home” feel like?

That was a question I asked myself for working on this new piece. Each year, when christmas comes closer, most of us go visit their families – and you cannot deny that this has a certain feel, almost magic to it. Continue reading “What does coming home feel like?”

Chosen as one of the 200 best ad photographers worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive!

I feel honored to be chosen as and published in Lürzer’s Archive’s Special “200 best ad photographers worldwide” for 2018/2019.

The 353-layer composing – or “how and why I plan ahead.”

I like working conceptual.
That means most things I work on, have a concept behind them on which I worked beforehand – sometimes hours, sometimes days. “Why?”, you might ask – well, for me every artwork, portrait or composing starts with a question like  – “How do we reach more people?”, “How do we portrait the artist that the looks fits the concept of his new album?” or similar questions and from there on we work our way forwards. Continue reading “The 353-layer composing – or “how and why I plan ahead.””

Whatever you want me to write about: Let me know!

So I’ve created this blog to keep everyone up with what I’m doing, but also and foremost to show you guys what you want to see. So feel free to contact me via the formular on my page here or drop a comment below the article to let me know what I should go into detail more in some upcoming articles maybe and stay up to date with everything via my Newsletter, I’m planning some thing for that as well and you might be pretty happy about those!:-)

Launching the bearded-Blog!

Due to the increased number of visitors and the recently created mailing-list of mine, I decided to start a blog with more insights on my creative processes, behind the scenes of shootings and everything else you might want to know – so thanks for encouraging me!