Over the course of the last weeks and months I have been concepting, brainstorming, shooting and in the end composing this wonderful piece with Rudiger, an amazing guy I met some time ago. With winter in progress and spring around the corner, I envisioned Spring as something manmade – something that has to be done each year, by someone warm-hearted, sage and maybe even a little bit divine. I found the perfect model for this after I began shooting several parts already and shot the talent at last, having it come together just as the perfect piece in the end. I turned this into a series of pictures since I had the feeling it compliments the main picture as well as gives depth to the story of a “godfather spring” itself.

Let me know what you think of it and if you want a making of – if you want one, I’ll cut a behind the scenes especially for you to watch – if not that’s fine as well of course 😉

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