This has been a first-timer for me and it was awesome!

I was invited to give a talk and hold a seminar about my yearlong work and career as a music photographer and concerts in particular. I’ve been talking about how I started out, how I became someone to travel with artists and how it affected my life in general – of course having the crucial questions answered like “what gear do you use?” and “what camera settings are the best?”.

Zingst is a beautiful small town on the eastern sea in Germany, with around 42.000 visitors this is for sure a big one – although when they started out the main focus was on nature and preservation, they spread over to different categories yet never losing sight of their main goal – helping the environment and showing off amazing photographs. This time there were a lot of great exhibitors with the main exhibition being “Seascapes” by Ray Collins, an amazing award winning environmental photographer and in general very nice guy!

I’ve been very happy to be part of this festival, giving insights to my work and I’d be happy to come back next year as well, the people, organisation and other speakers where awesome – I mean, check out my seminar-outfit – that’s something I only wear if things are awesome!

Check out their website.