What does “Coming Home” feel like?

That was a question I asked myself for working on this new piece. Each year, when christmas comes closer, most of us go visit their families – and you cannot deny that this has a certain feel, almost magic to it. You come back to a place where you lived, where you grew up or where you have been playing as a child. This feeling – at least for me, and I think for many many others as well – is something special, feeling loved, embraced and surrounded by your loved ones. It’s been some years until I realised how fortunate I am to have experienced this each and every year – when I was away abroad, studying or working on the other side of the country and then coming back home on christmas.

For me this is a feeling that deeply touches me. I have been away, away for a long time, on a journey and on many travels…and then, almost suddenly, I realise that I’m “home” – at my family’s place in the middle of nowhere, arriving on a dark and most often rainy afternoon around the 24th of december. So here it is, the work that, in the end, conveys this exact feeling for me – Coming Home.


I myself think we most always don’t appreciate coming home enough. Maybe that’s why I put a lot of work in this piece as well, from the idea, a rough sketch to capturing the landscape to photographing the model back in studio conditions.