I love when artists I work with over the years give me freedom on new projects. When Solarstone approached me for his album “.—-” I was pretty happy. All his albums songs were based on a strong concept: morse code. Not just the titles but the whole track with it’s baselines and melodies. That’s pretty impressive – if you ask me. So we really had to do this interesting and great album some justice with the photos.

The idea at first

It’s Solarstones 7th studio album and we want to express that he’s matured and approaches things different than some years ago. We decided to go for a more mature look in the pictures as well – kept his beard groomed and started with pictures that show him in a suit.

Taking a different approach

Rich was pretty happy with his pictures but I wanted to do some more shots with a different lighting approach. Just to get a different spirit to his album. We brainstormed ideas with his team and we ended up agreeing to put the “.—-” on his arms or hands. Ending up with putting them on his fingers and went for a black and white theme as you can see.

Succeed and move on

Sometimes it’s just that easy! You brainstorm an idea and it works on the first try and Management, Artist and you are happy! 🙂

And those pictures are still used up to date for his gigs and festival openings – you can see some of them in the here on my site and from time to time on Solarstones Instagram.